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Building Formula: A close look at the icon

Formula is a great product and is receiving a lot of great feedbacks and since the beginning of this year, I was planning to make a full redesign to it, for two reasons: 1) I can and I love to code 2) it’s growing fast and the sometimes it fails within the design. So, this […]

Meet Nomi-PC: My new machine

These last few weeks have been very intense for me and one of the things that happened in those last few weeks was the long awaited message from the Post Office: “Object left for delivery”. Ahhh that message delights. My computer was coming. So, I used my old notebook for a while, and it’s pretty […]

Hello WordPress, how are you?

If you follow me for more than one year you probably know that I’m a Windows developer and also, a aspnet developer. I start on the web business with aspnet (after the Blogger). So it was natural for me to write my own CMS (like WordPress) on aspnet. And that was what I made. You […]

Going beyond translating a website

So a client had made one little challenge to me, put his website in English, Portuguese and Spanish. Easy peace. For sure make this is pretty simple, and I had been doing that for a couple of year, websites with more than one language: I have some experience with that, so why did I doubt […]

Developer note: the difference of v2.1705.188 to v2.1705.189

Hey my people, Saturday I released one new version of Formula – Universal Code Editor, with incredible fixed for bugs that was annoying a lot of people, like saving files with only one line. And besides that, now it has a privacy policy, as I understand that this is a product that is growing up […]

Released Formula v2.1705.189 – see what’s new

I’m glad to announce that today, I’m releasing a new version of Formula, with amazing new fixes. And before that I had to say something, about Dark Mode: I’m receiving  a lot of great feedback about it, and I do love the dark mode (if you haven’t seem, I’m building one Edge extension to transform […]

About the March Update for every of my apps!

Last year I was crazy and tried to make one app every week. For 5 weeks I had focus in made 5 apps. It worked, but this apps has a lot to be improved. I’m not going crazy this year, but I am going to commit in release one update for every app every month. Starting in March. And in this update you are going to see awesome things!

To start this journey, I need to create a better way to work with all this apps and new ones, and created a Core experience with the codes that was shared by every app, making it easy to fix a bug and implementing a new function to a app (like, changing background color in Random 42, just like in #NeverEver). Same code, less mess, less bug, more functions.

I had awesome results in Brazil with this apps, and a lot of people asking for this apps in the US and others regions. So, like I said, I am going to English. Yeah! It is right. Now three of my five apps is going to English (Random 42, Conjugar, Time Calculator) and available in every region. The reason of not bringing #TrueOrDare or #NeverEver apps to English is that there is a more than 600 sentences! I can’t translate all of than in a short time! So, later this year, they are going to be in English.

Trying to make my apps reach more people around the world, they are now coming to Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1.

There is a lot of improvements in the design (and a new icon), and in the code itself. I know that the code of #NeverEver and #TrueOrDare for sorting a question or a challenge isn’t great and there is a lot to do in it. I did a lot of changes in that code, but only for making it to work on Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1. Be paciente. The code for Conjugar to understand irregular verbs is now done, but isn’t going to be available yet, because I had to write all of these verbs and it is a big job (193 verbs!). Maybe that changes is going to be available on April Update.

Be connected with me with Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Youtube to discovery what others news is coming. Cause, of course, I haven’t told everything that is going to be news.

I am sending the updates to the store on March 01, so probably it will be available a couple of days later.

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