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Building Formula: A close look at the icon

Formula is a great product and is receiving a lot of great feedbacks and since the beginning of this year, I was planning to make a full redesign to it, for two reasons: 1) I can and I love to code 2) it’s growing fast and the sometimes it fails within the design. So, this […]

Meet Nomi-PC: My new machine

These last few weeks have been very intense for me and one of the things that happened in those last few weeks was the long awaited message from the Post Office: “Object left for delivery”. Ahhh that message delights. My computer was coming. So, I used my old notebook for a while, and it’s pretty […]

Hello WordPress, how are you?

If you follow me for more than one year you probably know that I’m a Windows developer and also, a aspnet developer. I start on the web business with aspnet (after the Blogger). So it was natural for me to write my own CMS (like WordPress) on aspnet. And that was what I made. You […]

Going beyond translating a website

So a client had made one little challenge to me, put his website in English, Portuguese and Spanish. Easy peace. For sure make this is pretty simple, and I had been doing that for a couple of year, websites with more than one language: I have some experience with that, so why did I doubt […]

Developer note: the difference of v2.1705.188 to v2.1705.189

Hey my people, Saturday I released one new version of Formula – Universal Code Editor, with incredible fixed for bugs that was annoying a lot of people, like saving files with only one line. And besides that, now it has a privacy policy, as I understand that this is a product that is growing up […]

Released Formula v2.1705.189 – see what’s new

I’m glad to announce that today, I’m releasing a new version of Formula, with amazing new fixes. And before that I had to say something, about Dark Mode: I’m receiving  a lot of great feedback about it, and I do love the dark mode (if you haven’t seem, I’m building one Edge extension to transform […]

October update: New, new, new… What’s new?

You know, I like updates. I like changes. I like news. So its time to say what Im working on. And lets start by talking about the update cicle of my products.

Update cycle

During the year of 2015 I released an update every friday. Yes! Every friday. But, sometimes it was just a mirror change or a small update in one system that no one cares. And in 2016 a new update every month. Did that work? Not at all.

So, starting today, Im going to release updates in these dates (for every system): October 1, April 1 and July 1. Three times in one year. That include every app and my main site. These updates is going to have a lot of great news and a lot of bug fixes.

Of course small updates is going to be relased between these dates.

My site

The categories is going to be more friendly and helpful.

My main website (vtnorton.com) is going to have a lot of great news, maybe just for me. Before October First, all content there is pure HTML. For now on, all data is saved in one database, the site is cleaner, faster, safer. My apps and the sites I worked before is going to be showed there. Also, it now has support to English.

I have been working in one CMS to control everything, and now it is done. It is a very simple CMS but it makes the work easier.

On my blog, I’m going to start talking about Windows Insider program, and a lot of news of Microsoft. Also the social media on Facebook (for every of my projects) is going to be revamped.

Formula – Universal Code Editor & apps

Great news about [notranslate]Formula[/notranslate]: More language support to come, open with feature, drag and drop support to name a few. The version 2.0 is going to be released on October cycle. And if you want to help shape it, you can join the beta program here.

Also, #TrueOrDare, a discontinued app, is going to be back in life. But now, only for mobile, and in Portuguese. A lot of work on this app, hope you like it.

Every app is going to have bug fixes.

Don’t stop here

This is the news I can share (or have alredy shared before on my personal twitter @vt_norton). But the things I’m planning… you don’t have any ideia.

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